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Monday, February 14, 2011

COngratulatiOn & Happy BlOgging ^_^


Berikut adalah winners tOk Whats’ YOur COlOur COntest. Jangan ada yang lupa plak cOntest pe tue ehehe.

Check it Out !

Pemenang categOry cOlOur sOlO :

84. Efipurpleshine

Pemenang categOry cOlOur grOup :

36. ~sUsUMaSaM~

Pemenang categOry cOlOur stuff :

23. Miza Yusof

Mereka bakal memiliki adiah2 ini.


Bagi pemenang adiah saguhati cabutan bertuah plak :

35. Nini D

133. balqis hamdan

88. miss.fieza

Thanks tO randOm.Org fOr picking the winners On behalf Of us ^^

Each Of them will get RM10 relOad frOm us.

COngrats tO Ollz gurls ! Very happy tO knOw all Of yOu. DO suppOrt each Other Otey.

Na nyte. Daa.

WitH LOve,


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