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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Six DOn’t After Eating !

1_clr_e0 Don't smoke !

Research shows that with only one cigarette just after eating, it's effect is same as smoking 10 cigarettes at other time.

SO why still smOking? Guys Out there, please stOp smOking after eating Or in Other tyme. SmOking is bad yar. Find candy Or Others tO ilang yOu punya lOya2 kay ^_^

2_clr_e0 Don't drink tea!

Tea leaves contain acid which cause the protein in the food that you eat become harden quickly. As a result, the protein become difficult to be digested. So, just take a plain water !

Many peOples dOnt knOw abOut dis fact. Me tOO ! I thOught its gOOd, helps me digest quickly. SO i was wrOng. Need tO change my habit ehehe.

3_clr_e0 Don't eat fruit!

Dis wat My family and I always dO. After taking nasi, must have fruit Or sOmething like asam/jeruk tO eat.

Actually eating fruit after having a heavy meal can cause our stomach full with water, we will feel uncOmfOrted.

Take a fruit one or two hours after we eat or one hour before having our meal.

4_clr_e0 Don't take a bath !

Take a bath just after eating will increase the blood flow through our hand, leg and body. This will continue until the amount of the blood in the stomach decrease. It surely, give bad effect to our digest system.

5_clr_e0 Don't walk too much!

The digest system unwilling to absorb the nutrition from the food that we eat!

6_clr_e0 6. Don't Sleep!

The food that we eat can't be digested by the system properly. It causes the intestines injured.

SO start change Our habit/attitude nOw ! DO these 6 dOnt Otherwise dis pOst is nOt effective ahaha.

WiTh LOve,