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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A GOOd WOrking EnvirOnment

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Dah lama juga Mira tak update blOg nie an?

Hari nie Mira nak share cikit pasal wOrking envirOnment. Gain frOm my Own wOrking experience (yang baru setahun jagung ^^).

Actually nOthing much abOut a gOOd Or bad wOrking envirOnment (even the title said sO ^^).

Urm because. GOOd Or bad the wOrking envirOnment depends On the individual OpiniOn and values which we realized is difference between each individual. Within the same wOrking envirOnment sOme may like and sOme dOnt.

There are many kind Of wOrking envirOnment. SOme are really2 pressure. Feeling like ada seketul batu besar atas kepala. It becOmes a burden, nOt as duty and respOnsibility. Why is that sO?

Talking abOut pressure, there gOt plenty Of pressure; pressure tO meet deadline, pressure Of tOO many wOrk that need tO be dOne, pressure with cOlleagues and sO On.

But dis pressure that I want tO discuss mOre. Pressure frOm upper management whO putting sO much On making prOfit. Making prOfit is gOOd. That is the reasOn the Organization is there. But what if that Organization Only care abOut valuable custOmers and neglecting the mOst valuable asset in the organization; the emplOyees.

NOrmally wat peOple in dis Organization gonna do? They will telling their peOple dO dis, dO that. Achieve dis target and sOlve every problem.

DOes he ever thinks abOut employees’ feeling?

DOes he thinks that in dis kind Of pressure envirOnment, are emplOyees can wOrk well?

Are emplOyees wOrking tOward the OrganizatiOn’s gOal?

ObviOusly the big NO rite?

HOw the emplOyees will react in the best interest Of the OrganizatiOn if they did nOt feel that they are the One Of the Organization?

SO wat is the sOlutiOn fOr dis kind Of wOrking envirOnment?

FOr emplOyees, if yOu gain nOthing in dis kind Of OrganizatiOn, LEAVE IT ! Find anOther place. Its the fact. If yOu nOt happy, quit.

FOr the OrganizatiOn, better learn mOre and take a gOOd changes. TO appreciate the emplOyees is nOt as simple as shaking their hand in the early Of mOrning and shOwing that yOu care abOut them but in truth yOu dOnt.

SOmetimes they want tO hear fOr yOu wOrds like “GOOD JOB”, “I LIKE THE WAY YOU ARE WORKING” and Other cOmpliments. The mOst pOwerfull wOrd that can mOtivate the emplOyees is THANK YOU ! Why thOse wOrd becOme very hard tO say?

PeOple’s brain are unique. They may knOw sOmething that we even dOnt knOw. Give them pOwer tO make their Own decisiOn. This can enhace their creativity. Rather than make them as “pak turut”.

In sum, chOOse wOrking envirOnment that mOst suit yOu. The chOice is in yOU ! DOnt bOther much abOut salary and sO On and sO fOrth. Because the mOst impOrtant thing is tO find the OrganizatiOn that prOvide rOOm fOr learning, self imprOvement and buy Our ideas !



Next cOming pOst I will talk abOut leadership.