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Monday, January 31, 2011

What’s YOur COlOur COntest ◕‿◕

“Sticky POst”

Assalamualaikum, hye2!

Its finally Our tyme tO make a cOntest.


Our lOvely banner ^_^

What’s yOur cOlOur cOntest is Our first cOntest. HOpe u Ollz suppOrt kitOrank sO that after dis kitOrank dapat buat cOntest yang lagik gempak maksima ^_^.

Senan jer nak jOin cOntest kitOrank nie. Let check it Out!

1. FOllOw blOg AMY and MIRA in Order tO get recent updates abOut dis cOntest.

2. Since that we Ollz nie manyak baik hati hehe, kOrank hanye perlu buat SATU entry yang RINGKAS with a title What’s yOur cOlOur cOntest.

3. Copy and paste banner tue kat ruangan entry kOrank and sidebar. Linkkan skali banner tue pada cOntest. Tak kisah laa nak link kat blOg AMY ataw MIRA.

4. POst kan juga satu gambar kOrank yang kOrank ase palin MENARIK antara gambar kOrank yang lain. Tapi need tO bare in mind that gambar tue mestilah related tO yOur favOrite cOlOur.

Tarak faham? COntOhnye:

SAM_0077Since HITAM tue menawan sO I lOve it sO much ^_^

5. Submit entry tue ke ruangan cOmment cOntest d blOg AMY SAHAJA.

6. Last skali tag TIGA Orank blOgger yang lain and pastikan diOrank tahu pasal kewujudan cOntest nie. Law diOrank jOin lagik bagus ^_^.

Hadiah : MISTERI (mengikut warna favOrite pemenang).

Hanya tiga pemenang yang akan d pilih.

*subject tO changes*

Expired date : 31 January 2011

Mira tag SEMUA fOllOwer, reader and blOg walker Mira ^_^

Selamat menjOin and let shine Ourself wit Our cOlOur!

With LOve,